10 Most Beautiful & Largest Mosques Around The World

Im sharing the most beautiful Mosques around the World, which are the complete masterpiece of Islamic architecture. 

No matter; if one is rich or poor, black or white, young or https://www.facebook.com/ old; equality is inevitable is Mosques throughout the World!

Mosque is a sacred place for whole of the entire Muslim community, where balance and equality is always necessary. However, Mosque is a Holy Place where Muslims unite five times a day to worship, according to the requirements of their religion (ISLAM).

Now, you might be wondering about the most beautiful Mosque around the whole world, https://www.facebook.com/ so yes, you are totally at a right place!

Therefore, starting it all with a very best ba”. This was the first House established for the people at Mecca, a Holy place It is a cuboid stoned structure made of granite, the attractive floor is made of marble s along the floor.

2: Masjid Al Nabwi

Now furthermore, dealing with another yet a very beautiful Masjid; “Masjid Al Nabwi”.  According to the Muslim community this Masjid belongs to their Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). It is built in a very beautiful city Madina.As it is the second Holiest Site in Islam, there the 2 historical ba. One of the most formidable place of this Mosque is “Green Dome” where the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) is built.

3: AL Aqsa Mosque

Whats the bottom line towards all this is that, the Majid is not only limited just towards the Muslim countries, just as like other all Religion’s Holy Places, Masjid is also spreaded in the whole wide world. Hence the 3 but nt the last, Masjid “AL Aqsa~Mosque” which is in Palestine. According to Islamic traditions, it states that, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W led prayers to this Mosque until the seventeenth month after emigration.

4: Sultan omer Ali Saifudin Mosque

Leading towards another very tantalizing Abbey; “Sultan omer Ali Saifudin Mosque “which is located in Bandar Seri Bagawan.However, this Holy Place is marked as a major tourist attraction due to its Uniqueness. Hence it follows Mughal architecture and Italian styles. 

5: Zahir Mosque

Its always interesting & fun loving to keep on finding the furthermore religious places in the world. lead to the 5 Masjid which is located in the heart of Alo star(Malaysia)”Zahir Mosque”. 

6: Faisal Mosque

Pakistan itself being a Muslim country, covers many beautiful Mosques in itself. “Faisal Mosque” which is located in Islamabad. It is the biggest Mosque in South east and Sothern Asia & the fourth largest Masjid in the world.

7: Taj Ul Mosque

“Taj Ul Mosque” which is positioned in India, used to be an Islamic school during day time. It has a double_storeyed gateway with 4 reassessed archways with a highly defined designings.

8: Badshahi Mosque

It would be crazy, if you have never heard the name “Badshahi Mosque” at Lahore, because it is the fifth largest Masjid in the world. It was commissioned by a mughal (Aurangzaib) which later was completed in 1673. 

9: Sultan Mosque

Leading towards another well known Beautified Masjid in Singapore “Sultan Mosque”. This amazing Mosque is unchanged since it was built, and is set as a national monument in march 14th 1975.

10: Hassan II Mosque

You definitely might be wondering about the top 10th Masjid in the world. So, here we are with It.”Hassan II Mosque” which is pinned at Morocco. It is the 7th largest Masjid in the world. This Holy Place stands on a promontory looking at the Atlantic ocean.

Remember, The Mosque is also known as house of Allah Almighty.

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