Flame of Protests in Iran Will Rise Again

unrest in Iran
Flames of protests are going to be appeared everywhere In the past, Iranians had a saying that to avoid trouble, Iran’s leaders shouldn’t play with peoples access to bread and tea, but in modern times, we’ve said the same about gasoline.
The mullah’s regime has eliminated the fuel quota and increased the gas price more than 40%. A poor motorcyclist who was working with his motorcycle to procure food for his family, in protest against the increased price of gasoline self-immolated at one of the gas stations in Tehran. Fearing popular unrest and another uprising in the country, Iran’s suppressive forces besieged gas stations in some cities.

The suppressive forces tried to prevent unrests in the country. Recently, about 4000 truck drivers in Bandar Abbas protested against the rise diesel fuel prices. In addition, Drivers protested the increase in fuel price in the province of Mazandaran. Flames of protests are going to be appeared everywhere, and the regime is trying to extinguish these flames but these flames will not disappeared.

But these flames are not only popped up in Iran, and the matter is not the matter of gas, but it’s the matter of time bomb which have been set in the society when the mullahs’ regime began crackdown in Iran, and https://www.facebook.com/ these protests and unrests are some straws in the wind.
In the last week of August‏, various groups of people in cities across Iran have carried out at least 48 acts of protest against oppression, lack of pay, tax extortion, rising student fees, terrible lack of basic needs such as water, and theft of property by marauder organizations associated with the clerical regime’s leaders, and in solidarity with those arrested.

Mallard Karaj masonry factory workers, clerks and factory workers of Wiener in Mashhad, Arak Behgostar factory workers, retirees of Abadan refinery, workers of the emergency section of Qom’s district 2 Regional Water company, workers of Daniel in Shush, contract cleaners of Karaj Municipality, Portex Tabriz wire and cable factory workers, Arak educational employees, hourly workers of Kangan hospital medical and services and administrative staff, Bella shoes workers in Tehran, https://www.facebook.com/ drivers of heavy trucks in the industrial zone of Divandareh, Fouman municipal street cleaners, Kermanshah Social Security retirees, and park monitors of Tehran bazaar district market rallied within a two day period in protest to their unpaid salaries.

In parallel with these unrests in Iran Iranian dissidents are going to support the Iranian resistance. Maryam Rajavi, President elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), is working hard for equality in Iran after regime-change hoping for establishing democracy and welfare for the Iranian people.
Iranian people believe that the flame of protests in Iran will rise again in her speech and the dictatorship will burst into fire. By Pejman Amiri, freelance writer on Iran, Middle East and for freedom in Iran, twits @pj_arad