How to preorder the Galaxy S20 right now

Facebook (Beta) for Windows 10 Mobile updated with contact and calendar sync - MSPoweruserThe Galaxy S20 lineup. 

Angela Lang/CNET Preorders for Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 phones are now live. First announced last week, the S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra won’t be available in stores until March 6, but Samsung just began taking preorders for all three models. 

If you’ve already placed a reservation for a Galaxy S20, you should have received an email from Samsung asking you to complete your order. If you didn’t place a reservation, Samsung currently says that if you place an order now, your phone will arrive on March 6. 

The foldable Galaxy Z Flip, which Samsung announced at the same time as the S20 trio, quickly sold out after the company started taking orders on Valentine’s Day. Samsung expects to have more Galaxy Z Flips in stock soon, and carriers are still taking orders with ship dates a few weeks out. Keep checking the links below if you’re set on finding a Z Flip.

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Galaxy S20 Pricing

128GB 512GB

Galaxy S20 $999, £799, AU$1,349 N/A

Galaxy S20 Plus $1,199, £999, AU$1,499 $1,349

Galaxy S20 Ultra $1,399, £1,199, AU$1,999 $1,599, £1,399
Galaxy Z Flip


Galaxy Z Flip $1,380, £1,300
When can I buy Samsung’s new phones?
The Galaxy Z Flip went on sale as of Friday, Feb. 14, online and in stores.  

Facebook account hack FAQ: What happened, how it affects you, and what you should do now | PCWorldPreorders for all three Galaxy S20 models began Friday, Feb. 21. Preorders placed up until March 5 will receive a $100 Samsung credit for S20 orders, and a $150 Samsung credit for S20 Plus and S20 Ultra orders.

The Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra will be available in stores on March 6, the same day that preorders will begin to arrive.

Now playing: Watch this: Galaxy Z Flip is the first phone with foldable glass 7:17 What colors will the Galaxy S20 come in?

The Galaxy Z Flip will be available in mirror black and mirror purple

The Galaxy S20 will come in cosmic gray, cloud blue and cloud pink.

The Galaxy S20 Plus will come in cosmic gray, cloud blue and cosmic black.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra will come in cosmic gray and cosmic black.